non equilibrium dynamics interacting particles

The Department of Physics is going to host the sixth instalment of the Eminent Guest Lecture Series: An Odyssey of Physics on March 19, 2022, at 03.00 PM IST with Prof Parongama Sen from the University of Calcutta as the keynote speaker. Dr Sen will be speaking on” Non-equilibrium dynamics of interacting particle systems with annihilation”.

Prof Parongama Sen has been teaching at the University of Calcutta as Professor since 2008. She received her PhD from Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Calcutta in 1993. She was also awarded APS-IUSSTF Professorship in 2012-13. Her research interests include statistical physics: phase transitions and critical phenomena in magnetic systems, networks, quantum systems, percolation etc. and dynamical phenomena in complex physical and social systems.

Non-equilibrium dynamics of interacting particle systems with annihilation

There has been tremendous research activity on the evolution of systems comprising of interacting particles in Statistical Physics over the last few decades. This lecture particularly considers those systems in which the particles (also called reactants) may get annihilated instantaneously upon contact or merged as a single species, both of which reduce the particle number. Some of these processes have a one-to-one correspondence with the coarsening dynamics of spin systems and play an important role in the development of non-equilibrium Statistical Physics.

Usually, one considers diffusive motion when the particles move freely, and some known results in this context will be discussed. Here, the speaker notes that the dynamics may also be considered in terms of population densities rather than individuals and examples include models of epidemic spreading.

Finally, she will focus on a model in which the reactant particles are driven by a dynamic bias that radically changes the scaling behaviour of the relevant quantities. The results will be presented for such a system, highlighting the microscopic dynamics, which reveal a crossover behaviour.

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semester abroad shanmukh

Landing in a foreign university for higher education is an enviable opportunity that every student aspires for. Proper guidance, passionate effort and unwavering faith are the factors that drive you forward to give shape to your dream. The training received from your educational institution also has a substantial impact in helping you earn a seat in international universities. SRM University-AP has turned into a centre of excellence giving wings to the dreams of hundreds of students to fly high.

Shanmukh Rachakunta is one among the lucky handful who has made it into UC Berkley through the Semester Abroad Programme of SRM University-AP. Let us hear from Shanmukh as he shares his excitement upon learning the news.

“It was unbelievably awesome; I still feel emotional when I think about it now, as it’s one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I have always looked up to my seniors who got this opportunity earlier and shaped their futures. Now seeing myself there indeed excites me.

The first eligibility for applying for semester abroad program is overall GPA, which is supposed to be >=9.0 until that semester, and the resume for further interviews. My first interview was more technical, and the questions were on my major studies – computer science. Selected candidates had a second interview, where they were assessed on their projects, interests, and future goals. The last interview was from the University of California. Most of it was on analysing our communicative skills and what we expect from them.

The semester abroad program is for six months. UC Berkeley Engineering’s Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology – SCET, offered us courses for our SAP program. SCET teaches using the Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship and offers a suite of highly applied, experiential project courses that develop the entrepreneurship and innovation potential for students, professionals, and academics.

Apart from maintaining good academic performance, I plan to work on my start-up and its research. Being a contextual leader, currently, I am working with my team on our idea.

I would always be grateful for the people who have generously shared their advice and wisdom and guided me to this opportunity. SRM University-AP has awarded us with a scholarship of $21,900 which covers the semester fees, application fees, and health insurance throughout our stay. The perks of the SRM student exchange also include reserving my seats for courses, and the travel cost is free in Berkeley. It is hard to mention everyone because everyone played a major role in getting this opportunity. Special thanks to Prof Raghunathan T, Naga Swetha ma’am, Sonam ma’am, and Ashu Abdul sir who are still guiding us through our journey here. Not to forget the friend circle who always gave me the competitive spirit to go forward.”

Check out our international page to know more about our pioneering initiatives that facilitate the abroad journey of our students. Join SRM University-AP, the next-generation learning institute and get exposed to global education culture.

civil students new york university

By earning a ticket to NYU Tandon School of Engineering for the Master’s programme, Students of Civil Engineering; Jayaram Chowdary Dasari, S Yogendra Gopinath and Leela Sujan Sai Borra have added one more feather in the department’s cap. It is a matter of joy and pride for the Department of Civil Engineering and the university as more and more students are getting admitted to international universities. Harnessing the true potential of each student and preparing them for a bigger world have always been the primary focus of SRM University-AP.

They are groomed from a very early stage to reflect on their educational objectives and initiate the appropriate action. “I had started my preparation way ahead and cleared the GRE and IELTS tests, then I consulted my Professors Dr Bhagath sir, Dr Narasimha Murthy sir and Dr Uma Maheswar Rao sir for guidance and with their help, I shortlisted the universities and the best programmes which can fulfil my future goals,” said Yogendra.

“We will never forget our faculty members for their immense support in helping us find the right universities, and also for the initiatives taken by the department such as conducting webinars to educate students about the application procedure for higher studies.” Borra and Jayaram also marked their gratitude to the department.

The Office of International Relations at the university has also played a crucial part in their achievement as it walked them through the right procedures for an overseas application. “I shall forever be thankful to Dr Shweta ma’am for her valuable guidance on drafting an incredible SoP” added Yogendra.

An enriching learning environment with exposure to global educational practices rendered at SRM University-AP will foster the right academic spirit in students and enable them to move ahead with better clarity of purpose. Also, training imparted by the expert faculty will help them gather deeper insights and transform themselves into professionals in their respective fields.

decentralized security system

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering is delighted to announce that Dr Rajiv Senapati and his research group; Abhiram Chakravadhanula, Jaswanth Kolisetty, Karthik Samudrala and Bharat Preetham have published a research article titled “A Novel Decentralized Security Architecture for the Centralized Storage System in Hadoop using Blockchain Technology” in the Scopus indexed IEEE 7th I2CT (The premier conference for the latest discoveries in Convergence in Technology in Asia Pacific).

Over the past decades, the Big Data ecosystem is experiencing a humungous explosion in the generation and exchange of information. Trading such delicate information can serve as a profitable knowledge resource in the present economy. However, serious concerns have been raised about the security and assurance of delicate data as the conventional safety architecture in centralized storage systems does not meet its nuanced requirements. Blockchain technology offers a promising solution for big data protection due to its decentralized nature. Through this research article, Dr Rajiv Senapati and his students intend to introduce a decentralized security architecture in centralized storage systems such as Hadoop to address its existing vulnerabilities.

Abstract of the Research

Big Data is huge in volume, diverse in information, and growing at flourishing rates. The major distributed file systems in the current market in Big Data Analysis include Apache Hadoop, Storm, Cassandra, Flink, Cloudera, and many more. Hadoop is an open-source framework divided into Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) and Map-Reduce. Hadoop plays a leading role in storing and processing Big Data in contemporary society as it is cost-effective and can manage large volumes of data in low-cost commodity hardware. HDFS is a type of Data Warehouse which is scalable and has fast access to information.

Metadata is the information about the data, such as which block is storing on what datanode, how many replications that block has, and on which datanodes those replications reside. In HDFS, this metadata is stored at a fixed place in namenode, and attackers can access the metadata and modify it without notice. Also, metadata is mutable, which means the attacker can erase his presence easily.

In this paper, to resolve this issue, we have provided a mechanism using blockchain technology that follows a decentralized architecture against the centralized architecture followed by HDFS. Hyperledger Fabric (HLF) is the blockchain proposed to be effective and trusted for such a purpose. HLF is a private blockchain with a distributed immutable ledger. The metadata will be stored in the ledger. If an attacker tries to modify the data, he cannot erase his presence as the ledger is immutable, unlike HDFS. Further, the work proposed in this paper can be extended in real-time HDFS with a secure ledger and multiple nodes.

Every International Women’s Day is a new opportunity to render new definitions to womanhood. It calls the attention of the world to take a moment and marvel at the unimaginable, women across the globe have made possible. It is indeed incredible what the womenfolk has been contributing to the world amidst a thousand adverse circumstances. SRM University-AP proudly celebrated this women’s day by marking respect to women across different walks of life for the enormous grit and endurance they have put on. Smt KGV Saritha, Superintendent of Police, Women Protection Cell, CID-AP was the distinguished guest of the day. Her valuable presence and enriching experience added much essence to the day and made the celebrations more meaningful.

Ms Revathi Balakrishnan, Assistant Director, Student Affairs, welcomed the gathering. She introduced the history of the observance of women’s day which goes back to the early 1900s when women in the industrialised world raised their voices and rebelled against the harsh working conditions. She also enunciated the importance of celebrating the success story of every woman on a global scale.

Prof. V.S Rao, Vice-Chancellor delivered the presidential address. He started off by offering warm women’s day greetings to all the faculty, staff, and students. He also emphasized the importance of achieving the goals of the university by giving impetus to women’s empowerment. Citing various examples of renowned women leaders from different spheres, he reminded the unbeatable power of womanhood. He also recalled how the state government has formulated reservation policies that helped women of Andhra Pradesh to excel in the field of education. “The university also strives to open new vistas of learning for the girl students through different clubs such as the e-cell that promotes women entrepreneurship.” he asserted. While gender disparity continues to perpetuate even in the industrial capitals of the world, he reminded, how important it is for India to look up to countries like Bangladesh that have been taking extraordinary strides in empowering women over the last two decades.

Smt KGV Saritha, the chief guest of the day, addressed the gathering. She paid respect and obeisance to all the teachers of SRM University-AP and expressed her happiness to be a part of the university in the women’s day celebrations. Talking about ‘Gender Equality’ which is one of the Sustainable Development Goals of 2030, she articulated the relevance of this year’s IWD theme #BreakingTheBias. While taking references from myths and history to exemplify the fortitude of women, she did not overlook the record of men in India who have played a crucial role in placing women on high pedestals. She also took pride in the cultural and political legacy of the country that always honoured womanhood. “While ladies of many countries in the world are taking out to streets to choose their leaders, We Indians are proud to have a constitution which ensures the right of Indian women to choose their leaders through universal adult franchise,” she remarked.

Despite the prevalence of social evils like Child marriage and Sati, women in India like Savitribai Phule have stewarded various socio-religious movements to transform the patriarchal face of the Indian milieu. She went on to cite examples of Sindhuthai Sapkal, the great Indian social worker and Manasi Joshi, the Indian para-badminton player who have displayed the mettle of Indian womanhood by transforming their weaknesses into the greatest of their strengths. She called out to all the women to awaken their innate strength and break the biases they carry within. Revealing the mantra “Love Yourself, Respect Yourself, and Look at yourself with your own eyes”, she alerted all the women to pay attention to their physical fitness, mental agility, and emotional balance.

Further, Ms Revathi Balakrishnan introduced the Uttam Pratibha Mahila Awards, a new initiative of Prof. VS Rao foundation to honour the women who have been contributing to the welfare of the university. Awards were distributed across various categories such as security, landscaping, mess and canteen etc. All the women faculty, heads of various departments and other staff were also felicitated. Cultural events including dance performances, music medley presentations were also organised as part of the celebrations. Dr Arundhati Ghanwar, Associate Director-ITKM proposed the vote of thanks. She expressed gratitude to Smt KGV Saritha on behalf of the university for her inspiring presence on the day. She also thanked the vice-chancellor, other dignitaries and the management who continue to make this university a wonderful working place for all the women.

celebrating women's day 2022

SRM University-AP is all full of life to welcome yet another International Women’s Day on March 08, 2022. Women’s day is celebrated across the globe to honour womanhood and the incredible contributions they have made in the social, cultural, political, and economic domains. We are delighted to celebrate this women’s day with Smt KGV Saritha, Superintendent of Police, Women Protection Cell, CID-AP. The event is scheduled to be held on March 08, 2022, from 10.00 am onwards. Honourable Vice-Chancellor, Prof. VS Rao will preside over the function. Various cultural programmes are organised as part of the celebrations. Uttam Pratibha Mahila awards will be distributed, the women faculty members and leadership team will be felicitated. We take this opportunity to inculcate indomitable spirit and strong belief in oneself in the minds of every woman.

It is imperative to acknowledge the success story of every woman in a world where gender inequality and female discrimination continue to rule over. The theme chosen for women’s day 2022 is ‘Gender Equality Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow’. It holds significance against the backdrop of rapid climate change and environmental disasters the twenty-first century has been a witness to. This women’s observance is in recognition and celebration of the women and girls who are leading the charge on climate change adaptation and response, and to honour their leadership and contribution towards a sustainable future.

We believe in respecting women and recognising their achievements in every walk of life. Our faculty, students and staff take pride in being at a work environment where the voices of women are heard, their actions and achievements are appreciated and celebrated. This women’s day, we are glad to welcome Smt Saritha to enrich our celebrations with her valuable presence as she encourages our girls to break the barriers of gender inequality and walk ahead with unbeatable courage and passion. See the programme schedule below.

The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering is proud to announce the remarkable achievement of the students Chebrolu Taraka Sai Tanishq and Vellampalli Medha V Subrahmanya Aditya. They have designed a wearable face shield and secured the second position in IEEE Covigilance, 2021 – A pan India student contest based on Covid-19 relief do it yourself equipment design and development, under the guidance of Dr Anirban Ghosh, and got a patent published for their prototype developed as part of the competition. The team also participated in the 4th Research Day organized by SRM University-AP and received a gold medal.

The prototype was submitted in the design competition on July 30, 2021, and after 40 days of rigorous brainstorming, component procurement and prototype development, the final model was submitted for evaluation. Based on prototype execution, feasibility of manufacturing and suitability of the model to contain the spread of the pandemic, the team secured second place in the Pan India contest, and it was deemed fit to address the two criteria; innovation challenges like Innovation of homemade masks/shields/PPEs and innovation of a feasible solution to control covid-19 spread while the schools and colleges are reopening. Further, this prototype was submitted to the patent office under the name “A Wearable Face Shield” (Application no:202241000990) and the patent was published on January 21, 2022.

Their accomplishment bears testimony to the fact that unflinching determination towards your goals and consistent efforts to make them come true will always pay off. Designing a wearable face shield is a well-timed innovation as the pandemic shows no sign of retreat and face shield has become one of the daily necessities of all mankind.

About the Prototype

The wearable face shield is a medical protective device, and it comprises a frame for securing the shield to the head of a wearer, a transparent sheet extending from the frame, a detection circuit that is mounted on the frame, a switch, and a battery module. The detection circuit comprises of a control unit that processes the sensed data received from proximity and temperature sensors to generate output signals and an alerting unit that comprises LEDs, buzzer and it provides an indication of– (i) the presence of a detected external object within a pre-determined distance of the wearer (ii) the sensed body temperature of the wearer. The alerting unit is placed strategically to alert people via visual and audio signals respectively.

Such precautionary detection and proximity alert prototype can prove instrumental in early diagnosis and isolation aiding in crowd management and free movement in places of social gathering. Hence, a wearable face shield ensures adequate separation between persons and facilitates temperature monitoring and early detection of disease.

They are currently working on a project called “Human Monitoring System” (HUM). It is an all-pervasive system designed to measure and keep track of the heartbeat, blood pleasure, temperature, location, Spo2 level etc of the user. In the event of an emergency or critical drop in any of the vitals, the system can automatically alert the local hospital, ambulance service and relatives.

admission overseas universities

It is a moment of pride and celebration for the Department of Mechanical Engineering at SRM University-AP as Hariharan D, Final year, BTech Mechanical Engineering bags admission offers from multiple top-ranked overseas universities including the University of Manchester that ranks 27 in the QS World University Rankings.

Moulding up the students through the right training and plotting out the right pathway for them to scale further heights have always been the primary objective of the faculty of SRM University-AP. “Happy to hear that you got placed in a core dream company. I hope this will not dampen your aspirations to go for higher studies. Indeed, students like you should study as far as you can. You should bring more laurels to this institution and make us proud”, this was the message Hariharan received from his faculty mentor, Dr Pramod Jammy, which kindled his spirit to set off for higher studies abroad.

“I am ever grateful to my beloved faculty mentors, Dr Pramod Jammy, Dr Lakshmi Sirisha and Dr Surfaraz Halkarni, for their constant support, inspiration and Letter of Recommendations provided amidst their busy schedules. I also thank my Department Head, Dr Prakash Jadhav, for his continuous motivation”, remarked Hariharan.

According to him, creating an imposing CV and impactful SoP is the deciding factor of the application process. He expressed his gratitude to the entire department for their effective involvement in every bit of the application process. “To build an attractive SoP and resounding CV, we need credentials like decent CGPA, involvement in departmental activities such as webinars, internships, workshops, minor projects, software skills, etc. Also, the close association with the department faculties right from the first year is essential to get their affinity and the commendable Letter of Recommendations” he added.

Forging a conducive platform to actualize one’s potential and chase after the life of one’s dreams is what makes SRM University-AP the topmost priority of students. Hariharan has set out an ideal example for many to follow and believe in their dreams coming true with SRM University- AP.

industry readiness webinar dream career

The Department of Corporate Relations and Career Services is bringing forth the second edition of the Industry Readiness webinar series on the topic “Dream High…….Go Marquee” to educate the students on orienting their preparation in line with their dream of grabbing placement offers in leading enterprises across the globe.

Stay tuned for an enriching session with Mr Shivaraj and gear yourself up to seize the world’s best career options and opportunities.

Date: March 05, 2022

Time: 03.00 pm IST

About the Speaker

Mr Shivaraj has over 10 years of experience in campus hiring and early talent acquisition space. His educational background includes Bachelor’s in Food process engineering from TNAU and Master’s from SOIL, Gurgaon. He has also completed his PhD recently.

He has worked in organisations such as AMUL, SWIGGY and is currently working with, an ad-tech firm next to Google. At Mnet, he leads campus hiring for Indian and global companies.

Mr Shivaraj currently lives in Mumbai. He is passionate about education and research. He is an ardent reader and is also inclined towards spirituality.

Join the webinar on March 05, 2022 at 03.00 pm IST and get yourself ready to soar high in the direction of your dream career.

artificial intelligence bioelectrochemical system

The Department of Environmental Science is glad to announce that Dr Lakhveer Singh has published his paper titled, “Leveraging artificial intelligence in bioelectrochemical systems” in a prestigious journal Trends in Biotechnology with a high Impact Factor of 19.53.

The paper was published in collaboration with Baptist University, Hong Kong and Oregon State University, USA.

Abstract of the Research

Bioelectrochemical systems (BESs) are highly evolved and sophisticated systems that produce bioenergy via exoelectrogenic microbes. Artificial intelligence (AI) helps to understand, relate, model, and predict both process parameters and microbial diversity, resulting in higher performance. This approach has revolutionised BESs through highly advanced computational algorithms that best suit the systems’ architecture for suitable fuel production.

About the Research

The performance of the microbial reactors primarily depends on the activity of the biocatalysts, indirectly governed by the microbial community structure and function. In this context, microbial dynamics are crucial for performance consistency and are sensitive to both biotic and abiotic stress in the reactor. To address this, a comprehensive, mechanistic understanding of the community dynamics is essential. Understanding the metabolic and electrochemical potentials would provide a basis for the selection and control of efficient communities with ramped metabolic flux and boosted electrogenic activity. The research will help in the development of an improved system for green fuel production.

According to Dr Lakhveer Singh and his collaborators, Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) and Adaptive Neuro-fuzzy Systems (ANFISs), backed with iterative and backpropagation abilities, can be applied to Microbial Fuel Cells (MFCs) with improved computational models. This will eventually provide a breakthrough in operational and translational research predicting newer parameters, such as predictions of the emergence of substrate-specific microbial communities in biosensors or bioreactors. They intend to work on this in future.