The intelligent and vibrant students embark on the erudite journey at SRM University-AP, Andhra Pradesh with shimmering dreams of conquering the world with their transformative ideas. The Department of Student Affairs works in congruence with faculty, staff, and students to expedite the holistic development of the learners. With the intent of ensuring students’ success, engagement, and leadership development, the department provides an inclusive, and engaging community to the diverse students of SRM University-AP.

Fostering a learning environment beyond academics, the Department of Student Affairs expose the students to Clubs and Societies that enhances their talent and passion. A broad array of extra and co-curricular activities is hosted by these clubs to relentlessly provide an enriching experience to the students of SRM University-AP.

Art and Culture

Photography is an art that empowers us to capture and cherish treasured moments for life, and present them from an alternate and creative perspective.

The club provide opportunities to dance lovers to prove their talent, and it is an appropriate platform for them to have their artistic exploration.

Music acts as a therapy which relaxes the mind and ignites a new energy with its Rhythm.

This Club allows people with an artistic inclination to hone and flaunt their skills with art and craft.

The Arts Culture & Technology Society helps all the students of SRMAP to improve their artistic side, give their voice in the discussions, debate sessions, etc and show their talent by contributing in monthly editions which they release.

and Societies



The adage of sharing is caring is the underlying essence of this student led club which aims to support the underprivileged.

Yoga And Meditation Club is a mind and body practice with a history of 5,000-years in ancient Indian philosophy. Various styles of yoga combine physical postures, breathing techniques, and meditation or relaxation.


Movie Club is centered around watching quality film and having a discussion following the movie. The discussions revolve around story, symbolism, cinematography, and presentation.

The e-sports club of SRM University-AP, Andhra Pradesh is an excellent platform for our talented students to take a break from their learning schedule and indulge in a relaxing fun time while enhancing their cognitive skills.

The sports club is a zealous group of talented sportspersons who promote team spirit, leadership, and fitness.

The literary club is a paradise for thinkers, readers, and writers. It is the place where students are free to think, read and write on the topics of their interest and choice.

The Theatre Club of SRM University, AP provides an excellent opportunity for the people who are interested in Acting. These Club generally perform skits on any major occasions, they even spread awareness on social issues through their acts.

at play!



SAEINDIA is a global information resource essential for designing vehicles and mechanical components - passenger cars, trucks, farm and construction equipment, airplanes, and spacecraft.

The club focuses on the development of user-facing applications for iOS, Android, and the web.

Promoting the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship among students, the alumni of Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology, University of California Berkeley, initiated ENNOVAB.

The Natural Sciences Club empower members to pursue their interest in the world of science in a shared platform.

This club provides crazy opportunities for the SRMAP members to develop and work on projects based on drones, robotics and even underwater vehicles.

Business Voyage club focuses on giving complete clarity on financial marketing. Here, people learn by experiencing many features of business by conducting case discussions, Business News Discussions, Workshops, Pitch-ins and many more.