Language is the result from evolution of humans for many million years. As vital as mathematics itself, English is a global language and the one who can use it correctly is a powerful speaker, writer and thinker. English studies aim at exactly that – To make you an effective Speaker, Writer and Thinker. At SRM AP, the English studies is designed to help students increase writing and verbal English skills with regular practice and analysis of effective writing.

This course will cover English in social, business, scientific and professional situations as well as public speaking. We will uncover the building blocks of linguistics. We will also examine the ways in which languages are systematically alike and different. Our investigation of English will introduce basic concepts of linguistics and a variety of cross-cultural topics.

From the Department's Desk

One cannot decline the fact that English has established itself as a language of global Communication, and undoubtedly, has the largest number of non-native users. Over the last few decades, with the advancements...