Global Immersion Programme

Our Global Immersion programmes are strategically designed to provide our students and faculty members with the most enriching global exposure throughout the academic journey.
The GIP offers participants the opportunity to learn and explore new approaches to problem-solving while gaining exposure to the global culture, art, environment and politics etc.

These programmes not only provide students and faculties with a unique learning experience, but they also go on to provide a unique cultural and global exposure, in Nations across the world. So, take the first step towards the most full-filling global experience.

Objectives of the Global Immersion Programme

  • To increase student access to high impact learning abroad experiences.
  • To provide an understanding of the region’s business, cultural, and political environment.
  • To deepen student cultural competence through global engagement, study and experience.
  • To tap and develop faculty expertise in building global relationships
  • To bring learning, capacity and understanding back to SRM AP.

Highlights of the Programme

  • Interactive sessions and training
  • Study tour
  • Cultural insights
  • Science & Technology
  • Engagement with the local community