About Us

A renowned Indian university that invites the World, SRM University-AP, offers a wide range of programmes on an extensive state-of-the-art campus. With accomplished faculty and comprehensive resources, we provide world-class academic opportunities. We truly understand the needs of international students, with a range of dedicated programmes and services to ensure that you get the most out of your education abroad. There are graduate courses, postgraduate options, doctoral degree programmes, and a number of professional certificate programmes available at the university.
Experience of being in a different country allows a person to learn the language of that nation on a social, academic, and professional level, which is invaluable in today's world. Our curricula aim to impart a variety of life skills, soft skills, and cross-country and interpersonal communication expertise to our students. The foreign exposure feature alone can make a resume stand out during a job search. Employers see that our students can adjust to new challenging environments and are not anxious about their future as they participate in a plethora of opportunities offered by SRM University-AP.
The Office of International Relations and Higher Studies is the ultimate resource for national and international students at SRM University-AP. We are responsible for processing international admissions, advising international students and scholars, and overseeing all education abroad initiatives and international partnerships. Our team advises, counsels and ensures that your time here is filled with opportunities. We sponsor outings in and around Andhra Pradesh, provide on-campus cultural and language immersion events, and give workshops and tours of campus facilities and resources, all designed to enrich your educational experience while being in SRM University-AP.

Our Vision

Aiming for significant global impact, the Office of International Relations and Higher Education at SRM University-AP encourages the spirit of curiosity in students and faculty for multidisciplinary collaborations, inbound and outbound exchanges, research, and outreach programmes.

Our Mission

Our primary mission is to internationalise the SRM University-AP experience for the benefit of all students, faculty, and staff. In practice, we achieve this by the:
  • Intake of a diverse, vibrant, and talented international student body;
  • Effective services meted out to the international student and scholar community;
  • Promotion and supervision of education abroad opportunities and programmes;
  • Outreach initiatives for the professional development of faculty and staff;
  • Partnerships with global universities through agreements, and exchanges;
  • Cross-cultural relationships fostered by events and conferences.

Contact us

Dr. Naga Swetha Pasupuleti
Associate Director - International Relations
Contact :- +91 98710 18881
Mail :- assocdirector.ir@srmap.edu.in

Mr. Sridhar N
Business Development Manager - International Relations
Contact :- +91 96001 55996
Mail :- sridhar.n@srmap.edu.in

Mr. Sandeep Samala
Sr. Program Coordinator - International Relations
Contact :- +91 86869 50532
Mail :- sandeepkumar.s@srmap.edu.in

Mr. Naga Sai Krishna Puli
Executive Assistant - International Relations
Contact :- +91 70363 37686
Mail :- nagasaikrishna.p@srmap.edu.in

Mrs Bhavana Deepa Mani
Counselor - International Relations
Contact :- +91 74167 37997
Mail:- bhavanadeepa.m@srmap.edu.in

Mr. Amit Babu
Assistant Manager - International Relations
Contact :- +91 79069 40271
Mail:- amit.b@srmap.edu.in