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The three keys to success in business are: to have a clear vision, to think differently and to add extra value to the product or service. Employers are now looking for young professionals who have not only mastered the essential technical skills and fundamental knowledge in the traditional business and management studies but also can convey more profound knowledge and familiarity in the more specialised fields of business administration and management.

SRM AP has designed a distinctive approach by initiating ‘Action Learning Programmes (or ALPs)’ for our BBA undergraduates that gives sustained opportunities for the practical application of business foundations. This kind of knowledge is acquired by working intensively and consistently in small teams on live business projects and producing “value-added results” for their customers.

Our unique curriculum trains students to appreciate the dynamic and complex working environment of business, develop critical thinking skills, demonstrate the ability to analyse complex qualitative and quantitative problems and exhibit organisational leadership. Students will also learn to apply technology such as machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance organisational efficiency and create innovative business solutions. They will also acquire entrepreneurial traits to create a start-up and manage their own innovative business successfully.

You can pursue your passion, choices and decisions is yours. Major, Minor and Specialization, combination of any. You can major in Economics with specialization in Foreign Trade and minor in Business or History.

Major & Minor

BBA (Hons.) requires close of 140 credits for awarding the degree including certain credits for specializations. The curriculum is designed to expose students to a wide range of theoretical foundations and practical applications in the core disciplines of management. These include formal specializations in Finance, Marketing and HR Management.

B.B.A [3 years program]

Medium of Instruction: English

Program Specialization Job Opportunities
(BBA) Human Resources Management To be specific, BBA graduates can look for jobs in sales and marketing department, finance and Human Resources Management of companies as management trainees. A BBA degree along-with some years of work experience will surely take you to the leadership position in any organization
Digital Marketing
Family Business
Finance & Operations
Logistics Management

Why study BBA at SRM University-AP?

This is a comprehensive modernised course covering all contemporary subjects in Business and Management Studies. The programme enables students to have an insight into the true essence of the corporate world, preparing them to be job-ready. It equips students with sound knowledge in "business toolbag" of corporate finance, accounting, marketing, HR management, management information systems, business analytics, and statistics which empowers them to face the challenges and meet the demands of the real corporate world.
The other learning outcomes (ILOs) of the BBA programme are that the graduates will be able to:
i. Analyse the theoretical foundations with the practical aspects in various fields of Management.
ii. Appreciate the dynamic and complex working environment of business.
iii. Demonstrate critical thinking skills in understanding managerial issues and problems related to the global economy and international business.
iv. Students will have proficiency in financial accounting, cost and management accounting, financial management, and marketing concepts.
v. Demonstrate the ability to analyse complex, unstructured qualitative and quantitative problems by collecting and analysing data by using accounting, financial, mathematical, statistical tools, and information and communication technologies.
vi. Exhibit business-related behavioural and organizational leadership, interpersonal, communication (written and oral), teamwork, and lifelong learning skills.
vii. Familiarize themselves with social responsibility issues that managers must address, including business ethics, governance, cultural diversity, and environmental concerns (including waste & water management).
viii. Apply technology such as machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance organizational efficiency and create innovative business solutions.
ix. Acquire entrepreneurial traits to start-up and manage their own innovative business successfully.
x. Acquire hands-on experience in administration and research."

MBA (Banking & Financial Services) [2 years Program]

This is a comprehensive two-year M.B.A degree programme that aims to create future leaders and managers in banking and financial services sector. The programme is meant for students who are passionate to pursue a career in the banking and inancial services sector.

This is one of the most advanced “earn while you learn” management programmes in the country. This fulltime professional management degree involves studying in the campus during the first year and undergoing a paid internship during the second year.

This programme has a rigorous coverage of industry relevant topics that enables its students to not just secure a job but assures that the students build a successful management career in banking and financial services industry. This programme is designed after understanding the best management practices, industry relevant professional skills and Indian banking regulatory standards. This intensive programme involves innovative learning techniques like case-based learning, social learning, active learning, peer learning, industry learning and mentorship-based learning. A blended learning experience involving campus-based classroom teaching, synchronous and asynchronous online teaching, and paid internship is orchestrated over the programme duration.

The programme content is created by experts from banking, financial institutions, global business schools and is in line with requirements from regulatory bodies, certification providers and banking technology partners. This advanced programme is delivered by best of industry practitioners and faculty across the globe with relevant background in the sector.

Why MBA (Data Science) BUSINESS ANALYTICS change

SRM University AP uses a rigorous set of admission criteria including a combination of academic scores, assessment of interpersonal skills and fitment to a career in business analytics, data science and machine learning sector.

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Ph.D. Programme

The School of Entrepreneurship And Management Studies focuses on interdisciplinary research, research in the emerging areas of Finance, Marketing, Human Resources and other allied areas are also given priority for doctoral students in fulfilling their research and academic goals. The upcoming doctoral students will be under the guidance of experienced faculty of the Department. The progress of the students will be monitored through the research department of the University. Currently the School offers the following doctoral programmes: